Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Web Based Malware Eradicates Rootkits and Competing Malware

A tiny 20kb antivirus module within "yet another web based malware in the wild", promises to get rid of all Zeus variants, and also, detect and remove rootkits found on the infected system in order to ensure that it's the only malware the victim remains infected with. What's really special about its command and control interface is that it's AJAX based, with the seller pitching the feature as "you no longer have to hit F5 in order to see how's your malware campaign doing".

Here's a brief (translated) description :

- Simultaneously execute different campaigns, allocate specific bots for specific countries only, set time and data for automatic update with the new binaries
- Firewalls and antivirus bypassing capabilities, Anti-tracing, anti-reverse engineering
- Self defense mechanism for harder removal
- ICQ notifications for finished tasks, newly infected hosts, graphical statistics

Exactly how it removes rootkits remains yet unknown due to its proprietary nature and brief description, but resetting the hosts file and taking advantage of updated BHO list of known malware are among the ways it removes competing malware.

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