Thursday, October 02, 2008

Monetizing Infected Hosts by Hijacking Search Results

When logs with accounting data are no longer of interest due to low liquidity on the underground market, monetization of the infected hosts comes into play.

This web based malware seems like an early BETA aiming to scale, however it's only unique features are its ability to hijack the infected user's searches and server relevant ads courtesy of the affiliate networks the administrator participates in, and also, an integrated DDoS module that the author simply stole from another kit. Strangely, it's 2008 yet the author also included the ability to turn on the telnet service on an infected host.

With the search queries feature easy to duplicate by other kits, this web based malware is a great example of how the time-to-market mentality lacking any kind of personal experience -- the malware cannot intercept SSL sessions compared to the majority of crimeware kits that can -- ends up in a weird hybrid of random features.
Customerization will inevitably prevail over the product concept mentality.

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