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Movement on the Koobface Front

Published by Dancho Danchev under , , , , , on August 04, 2009
Now that the Koobface gang is no longer expressing its gratitude for the takedown of its command and control servers, the group has put its contingency planning in action thanks to the on purposely slow reaction of UKSERVERS-MNT's ( abuse department.

Next to the regular updates (web.reg .md/1/websrvx2.exe; web.reg.md/1/ prx.exe), the group introduced two new domains and started taking advantage of two more IPs for its main command and control server. upr0306 .com now responds to: - AS22298 - Netherlands Distinctio Ltd - AS42831 UKSERVERS-AS UK Dedicated Servers Limited UK Dedicated Servers - AS17816 - CHINA169-GZ CNCGROUP IP network China169 Guangzhou MAN

and that includes the two new domains introduced - pam-220709 .com; ram-220709 .com, with ram-220709 .com/go/?pid=30909&type=videxpgo.php?sid=4&sref= redirecting to the Koobface botnet.

Interestingly, (hosted.by.pacificrack.com) was also used in the blackhat SEO campaigns from June/July, with warwork .info and tangoing .info parked there.

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