Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Scareware Template Localized to Arabic

A "new tactic" is supposedly being used as a Blue Screen of Death scareware template with a single missing fact "for the record" - the template is old, I came across it on June 17th, with Marshal8e6 featuring it even earlier on the 12th of June.

What's new on the template front in respect to scareware is what will inevitably start taking place across all the market segments within the underground economy in the long term - market segmentation and localization, namely, translating the malware/spam/phishing templates to the native language of the prospective victims.
A decent example is the first ever template of the popular "My Computer Online Scan" fake scanning screen localized to Arabic - scan-online (

The last time localization of fake security software was actively taking place was in April, 2008, and the campaigners back then also localized the domain names next to the actual content.

This post has been reproduced from Dancho Danchev's blog.

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