Cyber Jihadist Blogs Switching Locations Again

Having had their blogs removed from Wordpress in a coordinated shutdown operation courtesy of the wisdom of the anti cyber jihadist crowd, The Ignored Puzzle Pieces of Knowledge and The Caravan of Martyrs have switched location to these URLs -;;; Apparently there's an ongoing migration of cyber jihadist blogs from Wordpress to Muslimpads presumably with the idea to increase the time from a TOS abuse letter to shut down, if shut down ever occures given Muslimpad is significantly biased in removing such positioned as "free speech" communities given it's hosting provider is Should such propaganda be tolerated? This is where the different mandates of anti cyber jihadist organizations across the world contradict with each other. Some have a mandate to shut down such blogs and sites as soon as they come across such, others have a mandate to monitor and analyze these to keep in pace with emerging threats in the form of real-time intelligence, and in the near future other participants will have a mandate to infect such communities with malware ultimately targeting the cyber jihadists behind them or the visitors themselves.

The bottom line - the propaganda in the form of step-by-step video of an attack in question is a direct violation of their operational security (OPSEC) thereby providing the world's intelligence community with raw data on their warfare tactics. The propaganda's trade off is similar to that of the Dark Cyber Jihadist Web, while you may want to reach as many future recruits and "converts" as possible, you increase the chance of an intelligence analyst coming across your community, compared to closing it down to sorted and trustworthy individuals and therefore limiting the number of potential future jihadists. Inshallahshaheed are however, going for mass marketing with full speed, and in fact maintain a modest repository of videos at By the way, what's the difference between wishful thinking and thought crime? It's a threat that proves there's a positive ROI of your actions.

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