Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Which CAPTCHA Do You Want to Decode Today?

Once you anticipate your success, you logically start putting more efforts into achieving a decent level of efficiency in the process of breaking CAPTCHA, now that's of course in between commercializing your know-how. CAPTCHA breaking or decoding on demand has been a reality for a while, with malicious parties empowered by proprietary tools, publicly available DIY CAPTCHA breakers, or services like this one doing it on demand.

The following service is offering the possibility for CAPTCHA decoding on a per web service basis, and enticing future customers by providing percentage of accuracy, the price, and the ease of difficulty of breaking it. CAPTCHA decoding is listed for the following services : 9you, tiancity, cncard, the9, kingsoft, taobao, dvbbs, shanda, csdn, chinaren, monter, and baidu. The hardest to break CAPTCHAs mentioned are those of Yahoo, Hotmail, QQ, Google. Moreover, Ticketmaster's the most expensive one, followed by Ebay's CAPTCHA decoding process.

What happens when malicious parties cannot directly decode the CAPTCHA? They figure out ways to adapt to the situation, namely by enjoying the benefits of the human factor in the process while sacrificing some of the efficiency, but continuing to achieve their objective.

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