Thursday, November 15, 2007

First Person Shooter Anti-Malware Game

Just when you think you've seen everything "evil marketers" can come up to both, consciously and subconsciously influence your purchasing behaviour and improve the favorability scale towards a company - you can still get surprised. After a decent example of the DIY marketing concept, Microsoft's perception of security as a "threat from outer space", an example of rebranding a security vendor, the Invible Burglar game, here comes another good example of new media marketering practice - while some companies seek to embed their logos into popular games, others are coming up with ones on their own. Symantec's Endpoint Protection Game - a first person shooter where the typically mutated creatures are replaces with viruses, spyware and rootkits is what I'm blogging about :

"Your task is to simply save your global network from viruses, worms, and a hideous host of online threats that are poised to take your IT infrastructure down."

Eye catching trailer as well. Such marketing campaigns can have a huge educational potential if they're, for instance, customized for a specific security awareness program module.