Harvesting YouTube Usernames for Spamming

With a recently distributed database of several thousand YouTube user names, spammers continue trying to demonstrate their interest in establishing as many contact points with potential receipts of their message, or even malware given the harvested user names database ends up in someone else's hands.

Building such "hitlists" of end points to be spammed, or served malware, is setting up the foundations for the success of popular tools used for spamming video and social networking sites, efficiently, and with a very low degree of unsuccessful attempts to deliver the message. Moreover, these developments seem to indicate an emerging trend of building databases that would later one be efficiently abused, starting from the Thousands of IM Screen Names in the Wild uncovered in October, 2007, and going to the spamming of Skype users.

Direct applicability for spamming and malware campaigns, or a bargain for finalizing a deal, databases of any kind are prone to be abused in principle, and it's malicious parties in general I'm refering to in this case.


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