Monday, May 26, 2008

Yet Another Massive SQL Injection Spotted in the Wild

Another SQL injection attack was spotted in the wild during the last couple of hours, and while it continues remaining active, surprisingly, the malicious domain is not in a fast-flux. As I've already pointed out, the upcoming SQL injection attacks for the next couple of months, will be primarily executed by copycats, where among the few differentiation factors left is increasing the survivability of the domain.

In the particular attack, the injected domain /reg.js loads an iFrame to /img/info.htm where a VBS script attempts to execute by exploiting MDAC ActiveX code execution (CVE-2006-0003), whose detection rate is 1/32 (3.13%) and is detected as Mal/Psyme-A. Approximately, 8,900 sites have been affected.

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