Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Blackhat SEO Campaign at The Millennium Challenge Corporation

Among the very latest victims of a successful blackhat SEO campaign that has managed to inject and locally host 1,370 pharmaceutical pages, is the Millennium Challenge Corporation ( - a United States Government corporation designed to work with some of the poorest countries in the world.

The injected pages are loading remote images from what looks like a secondary compromised site, in this case which is a legitimate Dutch table tennis association. Compared to previous blackhat SEO campaigns that I've assessed in the past taking advantage of redirection only, the layout of the embedded pages in this one is sticking the remotely loading images at the top of the page, and placing the original at the bottom.

The campaign's main URl is where a redirector is forwarding to, and these are some of the remotely loading images;;;

Moreover, as in the recent massive SEO poisoning attacks, the referrer is checked, and given that the campaign URL is dedicated to only, only referrers are directed to the spam pages. These blackhat SEO incidents targeting sites with high page ranks, are either the result of the automated process of searching for vulnerable such high page rank-ed sites, or direct abuse of purchased access to the already compromised hosts via web shells or web backdoors.

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