Friday, May 30, 2008

Storm Worm Hosting Pharmaceutical Scams

With Storm's recent SQL injection and introduction of several new domains within, the very latest additions to their domain portfolio are the following domains (naturally in a fast-flux provided by already infected hosts) hosting pharmaceutical scams :

All of the domain's DNS entries are set to update every 2 minutes, meaning they every 2 minutes another 20 different and infected IPs will be hosting the domains, which on the other hand logically have identical WHOIS entry records :

Administrative Contact:
NO.397,zhuquedadao street,xian
City,shanxi Province
xi an Shanxi 710061 CN
tel: 298 5228188

fax: 298 5393585

It's also worth pointing out how they emphasize on the benefits of SSL based transactions, when none of the sites is supporting SSL, but is doing something a great number of phishers do - they've changed the favicon to a key lock looking one, since maintaining a SSL infrastructure on the infected hosts is both, unpragmatic, and a bit unnecessary if they social engineer the visitor :

"SSL Encryption or Https is a technique used to safeguard private information which is sent via Internet. To prove the site's legitimacy, the SSL encryption uses a PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) - public/private key, to encrypt IDs, documents, or messages to securely transmit the information in the World Wide Web. In order to show that our transmission is encrypted, most browsers will display a small icon that would look like a pad "lock" or a key and the URL begins with "https" instead of "http". SSL Encryption or https from a digital certification authority will helps the secure web site with confidential information on web. "

With pharma masters increasingly using fast-flux to increase the survivability of their domains participating in affiliation based pharmaceutical affiliate programs, Storm Worm is anything but lacking behind programs that connect scammers and (infected) infrastructure providers.

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