The RBN 0wnZ 7th1$ Bl0g! April 1st, 2008, St.Petersburg, Russia. The Russian Business Network, an internationally renowned cyber crime powerhouse is proud to present its very latest malware cocktail by embedding live exploit URLs within one of the top ten blogs to be malware embedded due to their overall negative attitude regarding the RBN's operational activities. A negative attitude that's been nailing down the RBN's cyber coffin as early 2007, prompting us to hire extra personel, thereby increasing our operational costs.

Hijacked readers of this blog, executing the harmless to a VMware backed up PC setup files below, will not just strengthen our relationship by having your computer contact ours, but will also help us pay for the infrastructure we use to host these, and let us continue maintaining our 99% uptime even in times of negative attitude on a large scale against our business services.

How can you too, support the RBN, just like hundreds of thousands customers whose computers keep on connecting to ours already did? Do the following :

- Execute our very latest, small sized executable files and let them do their job inst250.exe alexey.exe 6.exe 1103.exe eagle.exe krab.exe win32.exe pinch.exe ldig0031242.exe 64.exe system.exe bhos.exe bho.exe

- Once you've executed them, make sure you initiate an E-banking transaction right way. Do not worry, you don't to give us your banking details for the donation, we already have them, and will equally distribute your income by meeting our financial objectives

- Now that you're done transfering money, authenticate yourself at each every web service that you've ever been using. Trust is vital, and so that we've trusted you by providing you with our latest small sized executable files, it's your turn to trust us when asking you to do so

- Don't forget to plug-in any kind of writeble removable media once you've executed the files above as well, as we'd really like to deepen our relationship by storing them, and having them automatically execute themselves the next time you plug-in your removable media

- Sharing is what drives our business. Just like the way we've shared and trusted with by providing you with direct links to our executables, in exchange we know you wouldn't mind sharing some of that free hard disk space you have for our own distributed hosting purposes

Stop hating and start participating, join our botnet TODAY! Don't forget, diamonds degrade their quality, hosting services courtesy of the RBN are forever!

Sincerely yours,
"HostFresh" - RBN's Hong Kong subsidiary