Skype Spamming Tool in the Wild

Have you ever wondered what's contributing to the rise of instant messanging spam (SPIM), and through the use of which tools is the proccess accomplished? Take this recent proposition for a proprietary Skype Spamming Tool, and you'll get the point from a do-it-yourself (DIY) perspective. This proprietary tool's main differentiation factor is its wildcast capability, namely searching for John will locate and send mass authorization requests to all usernames containing John. So basically, by implementing a simple timeout limit, mass authorization requests are successfully sent. The more average the username provided, the more contacts obtained who will get spammed with anything starting from phishing attempts and going to live exploit URLs automatically infecting with malware upon visiting them.

There're, however, two perspectives we should distinguish as seperate attack tactics, each of which requires a different set of expertise to conduct, as well as different entry barries to bypass to reach the efficiency stage. If you find this DIY type of tool's efficiency disturbing in terms of the ease of use and its potential for spreading malware serving URLs, you should consider its logical super efficiency stage, namely the use of botnets for SPIMMING.

Will malware authors, looking for shorter time-to-infect lifecycles, try to replace email as infection vector of choice, with IM applications, which when combined with typosquatting and cybersquatting could result in faster infections based on impulsive social engineering attacks? Novice botnet masters looking for ways to set up the foundations of their botnet could, the pragmatic attacks will however, continue using the most efficient and reliable way to infect as many people as possible, in the shortest timeframe achievable - injecting or embedding malicious links at legitimate sites.

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