Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Mobile Malware Scam iSexPlayer Wants Your Money

A bogus media player (iSexPlayer.jar) targeting Symbian S60 3rd edition devices according to several affected parties, is currently being spammed through blackhat search engine optimization. Once infected upon confirming its execution since it's doesn't seem to be exploiting a specific vulnerability besides "bargain hunters" desire for free adult material, the malware attempts to trick the user into participating by becoming a member, however, a quick peek the source code reveals interesting facts about the scam.

For instance, once providing them with your credit card details and basically wanting to try out the service, it appears that there's no way out of it which is a problem since "Trial membership recur at $US 29.95 unless cancelled, Monthly membership recur unless cancelled" and also, "Do you want full access to all pictures and videos? Cost is 2 Euros, charged 100% descreet on your phone bill over SMS. Please allow iSexPlayer to send SMS".

The spammed through blackhat SEO sites are currently active, and perhaps a bit ironic, once you make any transaction with these people, anything that goes on at a later stage such as automatic calling or sms-sing to squeeze your bill, may be in fact legal since you authorized it.

Symbian Freak has some details, as well as an affected party :

"Last week, I had lend my N73 to one of my friends for use as he had lost his phone. I did not know what he did, but I checked my bills today and see some International calls made that amount to around 20USD. That is around 800 Indian rupees. To check, I called the number and learnt that it was a phone sex line. Now it was time for my friend to answer. The thirteen calls were made during a period spanning two days. On an average there were 7 calls a day. Now, the thing that struck me is, going by the call records, the calls on the second day were made when I had the phone with me. I am pretty sure no one dialled the numbers. I called my buddy and asked him if he had downloaded something. He then spilled the beans informing that he did go to some adult website and installed a software (I do not recall the name)."

The name of the "software" as I've already pointed out is iSexPlayer. Let's dissect the scammers and their sites currently spammed across 100,000 sites using blackhat SEO tactics. Related domains sharing the same IP and internal pages : ( DGC-DIRECT2-01 Direct2Internet AB - Internet Access Located in Johanneshov, Sweden)

The scammer's pitch :

"Free access to: - 500 Hardcore scenes - 100 Full lenght movies - Picture galleries Important! To install iSexplayer you must be at least 18 years old. You must install and run iSexplayer™ access module to watch the videos on Nintendo DS, You must install and run iSexplayer™ access module to watch the videos on Apple iPhone, Install iSexplayer"

Upon attempting to download the .jar file from the mobile page, the iSexPlayer.php does the magic like that :

"MIDlet-1: iSexPlayer,/icon.png,Easyloader
MIDlet-Jar-Size: 101313
MIDlet-Name: iSexPlayer
MIDlet-Vendor: Vendor
MIDlet-Version: 1.0
MicroEdition-Configuration: CLDC-1.0
MicroEdition-Profile: MIDP-2.0
did: 1322451
did2: 9416755

Who's behind the scam?

"c_javax_microedition_lcdui_Form_fld.append("\niSexPlayer is owned by: ");
c_javax_microedition_lcdui_Form_fld.append("\nEnit Invest S.L. "); 
c_javax_microedition_lcdui_Form_fld.append("\nweb: ");
c_javax_microedition_lcdui_Form_fld.append("\nemail: ");
c_javax_microedition_lcdui_Form_fld.append("\nTel: 1-800-845-4951 ");"

Enit Invest S.L.
Av. Machupichu 26, S 18
28043 Madrid
Tel: 1-800-845-4951

And since I'm sure that there are more juicy details within the source code further exposing their scammy practices, which you should not authorize in any way, just like you wouldn't really like making a long call on a premium rate number thanks to having a malware infected phone, once more details are gathered, particularly its compatibility with devices, they'll be posted.

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