Friday, July 18, 2008

The Ayyildiz Turkish Hacking Group VS Everyone

Certain hacktivist groups often come and go by the time the momentum of their particular cause is long gone. Excluding the hardcore hacktivists who are obliged to defend their country's infrastructure and reputation on the international scene, smart enough to do on one front, there are certain hacktivist groups who ensure their future existence by declaring war and every single country that has ever made statements in contradiction with their vision. Quite a stimulating factor for ensuring the future of your script kiddies group, isn't it?

One of these groups is the AYYILDIZ TEAM, a group of Turkish script kiddies who've been pretty active as of recently, targeting everyone, everywhere, leaving statements like the following :

"Me, as AYT-Admin Barbaros, swear to everything which is lovely and holy to me, that you will pay for your actions. We, AYT, as a Cyber Attacking Army will make it sure. Read right, what will we do:

* The government websites will be inaccessible an all lawsuits will be manipulated

* We will infiltrate the server of inland revenues for the manipulation of the data which are there.

* At the same time we will insist into the server of banks and will care for chaos

* Websites of the press will be extinguished.

* If the offence of our prophet (s.a.v.) called your press freedom, we will show you this press freedom

* Websites of divers shops will be hacked. Databank information's and the dates which are there, for example credit card dates, will be policed in this page. (Don't worry, we wouldn't taste one cent of your moneys, we aren't thieves like you. However we don't take care of what happens, if other hackers see this dates and empty your account)"

While this may sound inspiring, some of the group's members are also involved in SQL injections in between the web site defacements, which are naturally done by exploiting web application vulnerabilities. For instance, right after the defacement messages, they are also injecting the following fast-fluxed domains, part of the latest wave of SQL injections attacks. /ngg.js /ngg.js /ngg.js

They are monetizing their defacements by either compiling lists of sites known to be SQL injectable since they've managed to defaced them, then reselling these to the SQL injectors, or are in fact part of the whole process in this scammy ecosystem. Speaking of SQL injections, here's the most recent list of fast-fluxed SQL injected domains participating in the last wave that I've been keeping track of for a while :

pyttco .com/ngg.js

butdrv .com/ngg.js

gitporg .com/ngg.js

brcporb .ru/ngg.js

korfd .ru/ngg.js

adwnetw .com/ngg.js


adwbn .ru/ngg.js

btoperc .ru/ngg.js

nudk .ru/ngg.js

bkpadd .mobi/ngg.js

cliprts .com/ngg.js

adwr .ru/ngg.js

bnrc .ru/ngg.js

adpzo .com/ngg.js

iogp .ru/ngg.js

lodse .ru/ngg.js

usabnr .com/ngg.js

vcre .ru/ngg.js

sdkj .ru/ngg.js

rcdplc .ru/ngg.js

7maigol .cn/ri.js

j8heisi .cn/ri.js

usaadp .com/ngg.js

gbradp .com/ngg.js

cdrpoex .com/ngg.js

rrcs .ru/ngg.js

gbradw .com/ngg.js

hiwowpp .cn/ri.js

cdport .eu/ngg.js

nopcls .com/ngg.js

loopadd .com/ngg.js

tertad .mobi/ngg.js

gbradde .tk/ngg.js

tctcow .com/ngg.js

ausbnr .com/ngg.js

movaddw .com/ngg.js

grtsel .ru/ngg.js

sslwer .ru/ngg.js

destad .mobi/ngg.js

hdrcom .com/ngg.js

addrl .com/ngg.js

porttw .mobi/ngg.js

bnsdrv .com/ngg.js

drvadw .com/ngg.js

crtbond .com/ngg.js

usaadw .com/ngg.js

What used to be plain simple cooperating among every single participant in the underground marketplace, seems to be evolving into long-term business relationships.

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