Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Hacktivism tensions

It was about time the freedom of the press and the democratic nature of joking with politicians takes its hit. But why with spiritual leaders? The contradictive Muhammad cartoons sparkled a lot of anger, and with the recent tentions in France all we needed was a hacktivism activity from angry muslims. Remember how the China vs U.S cyberwar was sparkled due to the death of a Chinese pilot crashing into an AWACS that was sort of "keeping it quiet"?
Zone-H is reporting on massive defacements of Danish sites, and if you take the time to go through the reported reasons you'll find out that :
"political reasons"
"just for fun"
"I just want to be the best defacer"
"revenge against that web site"
tend to dominate. As far as defacements as concerned, in one of my previous posts "FBI's 2005 Computer Crime Survey - what's to consider?" you can see that according to the report, organizations lost approximately $10,395M due to web site defacements. Moreover, in some of my previous research on Cyberterrorism I've indicated the use of script kiddies for PSYOPS and how such defacements have a favorable psychologic effect on future initiatives.
And while they have the motivation to deface, I wonder would someone strike back and under what justification?
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