Monday, July 28, 2008

Smells Like a Copycat SQL Injection In the Wild

In between the massive SQL injections, that as a matter of fact remain ongoing, copycats taking advantage of the very same SQL injection tools using public search engine's indexes as a reconnaissance tools, are also starting to take advantage of localized and targeted attacks, attacking specific online communities. Among these is /day.js using day.js to attempt multiple exploitation using publicly obtainlable exploits such as Adodb.Stream, MPS.StormPlayer, DPClient.Vod, IERPCtl.IERPCtl.1, GLIEDown.IEDown.1, and targeting primarily Chinese web communities.

Compared to a bit more sophisticated attack tactics applied by Chinese hackers, taking advantage of localized versions of the de facto web malware exploitation kits, those who don't have access to such continue using cybercrime 1.0 DIY exploit embedding tools at large. The rest of the SQL injected domains as well as the exploits themselves are parked on the same plaee -, also responding to :

down.goodnetads .org

ads.goodnetads .org

real.kav2008 .com

hk.www404 .cn

err.www404 .cn

mx.content-type .cn

sun.63afe561 .info

ads.633f94d3 .info

ads.1234214 .info

ad.50db34d5 .info

ads.50db34d5 .info

ad.8d77b42a .info

web.adsidc .info

free.idcads .info

free.cjads .info

ads.adslooks .info

list.adslooks .info

ad.5iyy .info

The SQL injected domains : .js .js .js .js .js .js

The internal structure : .htm .htm .htm .htm .htm .htm .htm .js .exe

Parked domains responding to the command and control locations, and :

ftp.gggjjj .info

live.ads002 .net

log.goodnetads .org

dat.goodnetads .org

root.51113 .com

sun.update999 .cn

abb.633f94d3 .info

up.50db34d5 .info

web.cn3721 .org   

dat.goodnetads .org

cs.rm510 .com

sb.sb941 .com

k.sb941 .com

info.sb941 .com

day.sb941 .com

post.ad9178 .com

v.91tg .net

Centralizing their scammy ecosystem always makes it easier to monitor, keep track of, and of course, expose.

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