Neosploit Team Leaving the IT Underground

The Neosploit Team are abandoning support for their Neosploit web exploitation malware kit, citing a negative return on investment as the main reason behind their decision. However, given Neosploit's open source nature just like the majority of web malware kits, and the fact that it's slowly, but surely turning into a commodity malware kit just like MPack and Icepack did, greatly contribute to its extended "product lifecycle" :

"Let’s discuss their business model, how other cybercriminals disintermediated it thereby ruining it, and most importantly, how is it possible that such a popular web malware exploitation kit cannot seem to achieve a positive return on investment (ROI). The short answer is - piracy in the IT underground, and their over-optimistic assumption that high-profit margins can compensate the lack of long-term growth strategy, which in respect to web malware exploitation kits has do with the benefits coming from converging with traffic management tools. Let’s discuss some key points."

The end of Neosploit malware kit, doesn't mean the end of Neosploit Team, or the sudden migration to other malware kits since they're no longer providing support in the form of new obfuscations and set of exploits to their customers. Their customers have been in fact self-servicing their needs enjoying the modular nature of the kit, the result of which is an unknown number of modified Neosploit kits.

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