Wednesday, August 29, 2007

DIY Phishing Kits

In times when socially oriented bureaucrats are prompting such popular projects as the KisMAC and the Default Password List to seek hosting in a foreign country, the German scene seems to be very active with yet another DIY phishing kit released in the wild which I'll dicuss in this post, following the first rather primitive one I came across to a while ago. As we've seen with a previous phishing kit, and the infamous Rock Phish, malicious economies of scale in terms of efficiently generating fake pages to be forwarded to a central logging location are the second most important goal of this trend. What's the first? It's noise generation compared to the common wisdom that such tools are supposed to be exclusive and private. Talking about the economics of phishing, with the already a commodity scam pages available at the phishers' disposal, fast-flux hosting of the pages and maintaining their "online lifetime", thus playing a cat and mouse game with researchers and vendors shutting them down, is perhaps the next stage in further developing the phishing ecosystem.

File size: 5844992 bytes
MD5: ae3a3cbb873c69843455c46ad6e62f40
SHA1: 7606b3cccbb3cccb95bbe32b688e350d42aeffc5

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