Monday, November 27, 2006

How to Tell if Someone's Lying to You

Interactive slideshow providing ten tips on how to tell if someone's lying to you. These can of course be interpreted in different ways and applied under specific circumstances only. Some are very practical though :

01. Watch Body Language
02. Seek Detail
03. Beware Unpleasantness
04. Observe Eye Contact
05. Signs of Stress
06. Listen for the Pause
07. Ask Again
08. Beware Those Who Protest Too Much
09. Know Thyself
10. Work on Your Intuition

Two more I can add -- answering without being asked, and on purposely stating the possibility as a negative statement already. Here's the article itself, as well as several more handy tips on detecting lies. Don't forget - if someone's being too nice with you, it means they're beating you already.

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