Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Phishing Metamorphosis in 2007 - Trends and Developments have just published my second article entitled "Phishing Metamorphosis in 2007 - Trends and Developments" :
"During 2007, phishers demonstrated for yet another consecutive year their persistence and creativity on their way to socially engineer as many people online as possible, into believing they are who they pretend to be. Why did phishers embrace economies of scale during 2007, what factors contributed to the constantly shrinking period of time it takes for the phishers to come up with a fake email, and how come that despite all the public awareness put into the problem, people still fall victim to phishing scams? This article aims to provide an overview of the key factors that contributed to the growth and evolution of phishing during the year."

An article, which you'll definitely find as informative as the first one from last month related to "Popular Spammers Strategies and Tactics".