Thursday, November 06, 2008

DIY Phishing Pages With Command and Control Interfaces

The day when DIY phishing pages start coming with manuals is the day when consciously or subconsciously a phisher is lowering down the entry barriers into phishing for yet another time. A much more user-friendly compared to the old-fashioned -- yet effective -- rock phish directory listing, a recently released command and control interface for Rapidshare phishing campaigns aims to empower its users with easy dynamic link generation for their campaigns.

What they've managed to achieve is another trust factor since Rapidshare generates a second dynamic link upon clicking on the original one. The script not only generates a dynamically looking link, but also, actually logs in the victim into their account in order to avoid suspicion whereas it still logs all the accounting data.

Scammers also tend to be ironic every then and now. For instance, in this particular case, one of the users finds it ironic that the Rapidshare phishing page is hosted at Rapidshare itself. Is the script actually working? It appears so at least going through a misconfigured accounting data dump left by one of the phishers.

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