Summarizing Zero Day's Posts for June

The following is a brief summary of all of my posts at ZDNet's Zero Day for June, 2010. You can also go through previous summaries, as well as subscribe to my personal RSS feed, Zero Day's main feed, or follow me on Twitter:

Recommended reading:
01. Malware Watch: Free Mac OS X screensavers bundled with spyware
02. Protection tips for the upcoming FIFA World Cup themed cybercrime campaigns
03. Malware Watch: Twitter password reset emails, IRS-themed crimeware, malicious PDFs, and fake YouTube pages
04. The security and privacy ramifications of AT&T's iLeak
05. Malware Watch: Adobe zero day attack, malicious FIFA-themed spam, exploit serving Virus Alerts
06. Malware Watch: Skype exploit, Skype-themed malicious spam campaigns detected
07. The EFF releases new HTTPS Everywhere Firefox extension
08. Researchers find 12 zero day flaws, targeting 5 web malware exploitation kits

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