Friday, November 02, 2012

Summarizing Webroot's Threat Blog Posts for October

The following is a brief summary of all of my posts at Webroot's Threat Blog for October, 2012. You can subscribe to my Webroot's Threat Blog RSS Feed or follow me on Twitter:

01. Russian cybercriminals release new DIY SMS flooder
02. Upcoming Webroot presentation on Cyber Jihad and Cyberterrorism at RSA Europe 2012
03. Recently launched E-shop sells access to hundreds of hacked PayPal accounts
04. New Russian service sells access to compromised Steam accounts
05. ‘Vodafone Europe: Your Account Balance’ themed emails serve malware
06. Cybercriminals impersonate UPS, serve client-side exploits and malware
07. ‘Your video may have illegal content’ themed emails serve malware
08. Cybercriminals spamvertise ‘Amazon Shipping Confirmation’ themed emails, serve client-side exploits and malware
09. American Airlines themed emails lead to the Black Hole Exploit Kit
10. Bogus Facebook notifications lead to malware
11. Spamvertised ‘KLM E-ticket’ themed emails serve malware
12. ‘Intuit Payroll Confirmation inquiry’ themed emails lead to the Black Hole exploit kit
13. Malware campaign spreading via Facebook direct messages spotted in the wild
14. ‘Regarding your Friendster password’ themed emails lead to Black Hole exploit kit
15. Russian cybercriminals release new DIY DDoS malware loader
16. PayPal ‘Notification of payment received’ themed emails serve malware
17. Cybercriminals impersonate Delta Airlines, serve malware
18. ‘Your UPS Invoice is Ready’ themed emails serve malware
19. Bogus Skype ‘Password successfully changed’ notifications lead to malware
20. RSA Conference Europe 2012 – recap
21. Cybercriminals impersonate Verizon Wireless, serve client-side exploits and malware
22. Spamvertised ‘BT Business Direct Order’ themed emails lead to malware
23. Cybercriminals spamvertise millions of British Airways themed e-ticket receipts, serve malware
24. Cybercriminals spamvertise millions of bogus Facebook notifications, serve malware
25. Nuclear Exploit Pack goes 2.0

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