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Cybercriminals Launch Malicious Malvertising Campaign, Thousands of Users Affected

We've recently intercepted, a currently ongoing malicious malvertising attack, affecting thousands of users globally, potentially exposing their PCs, to, a multitude of malicious software, compromising, the, integrity, confidentiality, and, availability, of, their, PCs.

The campaign relies on the Angler Web malware exploitation kit, for, the, purpose of serving malicious software, on the, PCs, of, affected users exposing, their, PCs, to, a multitude, of, malicious software, potentially leading, to, a compromise, of, their, PCs. Once, users, visit, a legitimate Web site, part, of the, campaign, their, PCs, automatically become, part, of the botnet, operated, by, the, cybercriminals, behind it, with, the, campaign, relying, on, the, use, of, the, exploitation, of, a well known, client-side, vulnerability.

Cybercriminals, often, rely, on, the, use, of, compromised, accounting, data, obtained, through, active data mining, of, a botnet's infected population, for, the purpose, of, embedding, malicious, client-side exploits, on well known, and highly popular, Web sites, next, to, the, active, client-side, exploitation, of, known, vulnerabilities, found, on public, and well, known, Web sites. Yet, another highly popular attack vector, remains, the use, of compromised, advertiser network publisher's account, for, the, purpose, of taking advantage, of, the publisher's, already established, clean, network, reputation.

In this post, we'll profile, the, malicious campaign, provide, actionable, intelligence, for, the, infrastructure, behind it, provide, malicious MD5s, as, well, as, discuss, in depth, the, tactics, techniques, and procedures, utilized, by, the, cybercriminals, behind it.

Sample detection rate for the Trojan.Win32.Waldek.gip malware:
MD5: f2b92d07bb35f1649b015a5ac10d6f05

Once executed the sample phones back to:
hxxp://datanet.cc/extra/status.html -

Malicious URLs, used, in the, campaign:
hxxp://gamergrad.top/track/k.track?wd=48&fid=2 -
hxxp://talk915.pw/track/k.track?wd=48&fid=2 -

Known to have responded to the same IP ( are also the following malicious domains:

Once executed, the, sample, phones, back, to the, following, C&C server:

Known to have responded to the same IP ( are also the following malicious domains:

Known to have phoned back to the same malicious C&C server, are, also, the following malicious MD5s:
MD5: aaa6559738f74bd7a2ff1b025a287043
MD5: b919a06e79318c0d50b8961b0e32eb0a
MD5: a384337cad9335b34d877dd4c59c73ce
MD5: e7b7b7664e89be18bcf2b79cc116731f
MD5: d712ddbc9b4fb27d950be93c1e144cce

Related malicious MD5s known to have phoned back to the same C&C server:
MD5: aaa6559738f74bd7a2ff1b025a287043
MD5: b919a06e79318c0d50b8961b0e32eb0a
MD5: a2bd512e438801a2aa1871a2ac28e5bd
MD5: f01f9ded34cfe21098a2275563cf0d9d
MD5: e7b7b7664e89be18bcf2b79cc116731f

This post has been reproduced from Dancho Danchev's blog.

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