Thursday, February 07, 2019

Historical OSINT - Sub7 Crew Releases New Version on 11th Anniversary of The RAT

It's 2010 and I've recently came across to the following announcement at Sub7's Main Forum - the most ubiquitous trojan horse also known as Remote Access Tool circa the 90's on the upcoming release of a new version.

"People can buy unique FUD servers in the shop and custom clients can also be written to help you admin PC's remotely with your own features. These are selling well so be sure to grab your own custom version while we are offering them at this price. Please be advised there is currently a waiting list for this."

Sample detection rate:
borlndmm.dll - Result: 0/42 (0%)
EditServer.exe - Result: 10/42 (23.81%)
Server.exe - Result: 18/41 (43.91%)
- SubSeven.exe - Result: 16/41 (39.03%)

Should The Scene the way we know it re-appear the way we know it? It appears that every then and now a new cybercrime-friendly tool is trying to materialize taking us back to what used to be The Scene circa the 90's.