Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Proprietary Threat Intelligence Reports Available On Demand - Request a Copy Today!

Dear blog readers - I wanted to let everyone know of two -- currently in the works -- proprietary Threat Intelligence type of reports - that you and your organization can easily acquire on demand. The first report details in-depth including tactics techniques and procedures including hundreds of IOCs (Indicators of Compromise) in terms of the Pay-Per-Install Business Model circa 2008 - worth $1,500 and the second report which is also available on demand details the inner workings of the CAPTCHA-Solving Underground Market Business Model - which is also worth $1,500.

Similar my most recently -- now publicly available -- report on "Assessing The Computer Network Operation (CNO) Capabilities of the Islamic Republic of Iran - Report" capabilities including a complimentary social network graph - the proprietary Threat Intelligence reports can be requested online - and the user including the organization will receive a complimentary copy of the report - including a possible attribution vector - within 30 days prior to making a purchase.

How you can order a copy of the report?

Feel free to approach me at dancho.danchev@hush.com to inquire about making a purchase.

Stay tuned!