Dancho Danchev's Disappearance - 2010 - Official Complaint Against Republic of Bulgaria - Part Three

 Dear blog readers,

Continuing the "Dancho Danchev's Disappearance - 2010 - Official Complaint Against Republic of Bulgaria" series I've decided to post yet another update on my current situation in my home town Troyan in Bulgaria where I was originally illegally arrested and kidnapped by local police officers from Troyan Police using a stolen ID from my place with no witnesses and with force and for holding me hostage for a period of several months with no explanation and no legal action and injecting me on a daily basis.

Sample personal photo of my second personal kidnapper circa 2010 - Васил Моев Гачевски - (https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100030506870037):

Primary points of contacts in case someone is worried about well-being and whereabouts in this case should be:
Email: dans@dans.bg
Telefon za korupciq na slujiteli na MVR - 02 / 982 22 22
GDBOP - Signal za korupciq i izpirane na pari - gdbop@mvr.bg
Nachalnik RPU Troyan - rutr.lo@mvr.bg
Troyan Police - Email: police_troyan@abv.bg
Troyan Hospital - Email: mbal_troyan@abv.bg
Lovech Psychiatry Clinic - Email: dpblovech@abv.bg 
Troyan Municipality - Email: mail@troyan.bg

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