Saturday, May 01, 2021

Five New White Papers for WhoisXML API Released Online! Grab a Copy Today!

Dear blog readers,

This is Dancho and I wanted to let everyone know that I've just released six new white papers and case studies on the topic of using Maltego in combination with WhoisXML API for the purpose of mapping and doing reconnaissance of fraudulent and malicious online infrastructure used by cybercriminals.

Find below the actual copies:

- Profiling a Money Mule Recruitment Registrant Emails Portfolio - An Analysis

- Profiling a Rogue Fast-Flux Botnet Infrastructure That’s Currently Hosting Multiple Online Cybercrime Enterprises - An Analysis

Profiling the “Jabber ZeuS” Rogue Botnet Enterprise - An Analysis

- Exposing a Fraudulent Boutique and Rogue Cybercrime-Friendly Forum Community - An Analysis

Exposing a Rogue Domain Portfolio of Fake News Sites - An Analysis

Sample Screenshot of a well known money mule recruitment domain registrant

Sample screenshot of the Hilary Kneber Botnet in action

Stay tuned!

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