Monday, April 01, 2024

Yavor Kolev - The Dipshit That "Ruled" No One

Hey you,

The wannabe uneducated irrelevant and relatively cheap based on "my" standards non relevant and non existent Bulgarian wannabe dipshit savage? Are you reading this? Your very futile low life and mark that this is the wrong word Bulgarian dipshit sweat bottom irrelevant peasant to the bottom of your irrelevance dipshit.

Here's a story for you. If you're reading this you should know that people have two things a bottom and something in the lines of something that they need to tell them that they exist and that they should see themselves in case they did something so stupid that they're going to hide for their pathetic existence. The second is called a mirror. Only if you know what this is and can afford "what this is".

Stay tuned and wait to be beaten or call to court you miserable bottom sucking "the rest of the song you know" Bulgarian dipshit bottom for everything low that your country's very unexistence can only imagine - your dipshitness.

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