Tuesday, June 24, 2008

An Update to Photobucket's DNS Hijacking

With Photobucket’s recently hijacked DNS records by Turkish hacking group, the second high profile DNS hijack for the past two months next to Comcast.net's DNS hijacking in May, domain registrant impersonation attacks seems to fully work, and Tier 1 domain registrars remain susceptible to them.

So far, none of these DNS hijacks served any malware, live exploits, or bogus home pages aiming to steal accounting data. However, the DNS hijacking by itself resulted in a Denial of Service attack on Photobucket, one that would have required a great deal of bandwidth if it were executed in the old fashioned frontal attack approach.

And with Photobucket still labeling the DNS hijacking as a "DNS error", their failure to admit what has actually happened is already sparkling quite a few negative comments across the Web - with a reason. Creating alternate realities when it comes to evidential proof of a hack isn't necessarily state of the art public relations. Photobucket.com's domain registrar, the Register.com comments on the DNS hijacking :

"The Photobucket site was down for a very short time and was restored immediately when we became aware of the issue." Roni Jacobson, general counsel of Register.com, said in a statement on Thursday. "We are currently investigating the source of the problem."

As well as Atspace.com's (Zettahost.com) statement left on their site regarding the DNS hijacking :

"IMPORTANT! Photobucket.com problem read here: Last night Photobucket.com DNS at register.com was hacked by malicious people that are trying to compromise our business! We are in no way affiliated with such bad deeds and cooperate with photobucket in capturing these individuals. They have pointed the domain photobucket.com to an account hosted on our systems! We have blocked that and photobucked techs have restored the domain pointing to its original location!ALL account information and pictures on photobucket.com are OK, please have patience! Unfortunately the complete DNS replication usually takes 24-48 hours and during this time caches DNS records might still point to us! The normal operation of Photobucket is restored and as soon as the replication is complete there should be no further such issues! We would like to emphasize that we are in now way responsible for what happens with photobucket and all users bumping across our systems! We are a legitimate web hosting company operating since 2003 and in no way tolerate such hacking attempts! If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at abuse@zettahost.com! Thanks for your patience and understanding!"

When the affected company acts like nothing's happened, whereas multiple sources continue providing pieces of the puzzle, a statement on the measures taken to prevent that type of hijacking in the future would be better PR than denying the hijacking of the first place and the fact that they could have pointed Photobucket.com to anywhere they wanted to.

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