Monday, June 23, 2008

Underground Multitasking in Action

How many ways in which a malicious party can abuse its unauthorized access to a host, can you think of? In this example of remotely file included web backdoor (web shell), we have a malicious party that's hosting a web spammer, planning to launch a phishing attack impersonating Halifax, locally hosting blackhat SEO junk pages redirecting to rogue security software, redirecting to multiple live exploit URLs through javascript obfuscations, as well as to fake casinos and fake celebrity video sites - all from a single location.

This risk-forwarding process for all the malicious and criminal activities to the owner of the compromised web server is something usual, what's more interesting in this case is the number and diversity of the affiliations this guy has set up in order to monetize the unauthorized access by using all the possible sources of revenues like the ones I pointed on in a previous post regarding increasing monetization of web site defacements.

In fact, he seems to have built enough confidence in the new "hosting provider", that he's even hosting his blackhat SEO advetising services there. The multiple javascript obfuscations hosted locally, point to the following malicious domains which expose all the revenue generating affiliations, and even more malicious doorways :

analytics-google .info/q/urchin.js

crklab .us/index.php

my-page-de .info/in.cgi?2&1400397

tapki .cn/1.html?92465

dificalgot .net/s/in.cgi?2?1121268b0d022308

my-page-de .info?default.cgi

magichotgaming .net

allextra .com/best/go.php?sid=2&tds-parametr1=Taryn+Manning
newextra .com/in.cgi?19&group=allextra

drivemedirect .com/soft.php?aid=0358&d=3&product=XPA
securityscannersite .com/2008/3/freescan.php?aid=880358

Sampe detection rate for the casino adware, a reminder on why you shouldn't play poker on an infected table :

Scanners result : 7/33 (21.22%)
Trojan.Casino.466752; W32/Casino.A.gen!Eldorado; Adware.Casino-18
File size: 466752 bytes
MD5...: b0f70441dde5c2b82ba5388f3d566576
SHA1..: 5603b1b972e2cff99d6339fbd8970278f5ff371d

To sum up - with the overall availability of templates for phishing sites, fake video sites, fake security software, as well as the ongoing traffic management tool's convergence with web malware exploitation kits, the opportunity for a malicious party to participate in different affiliate based scams on revenue sharing basis, increases. Therefore, what looked like an isolated attack, is slowly becoming an "attack in between" the rest of the malicious activities lunched by the same party.

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