Thursday, June 26, 2008

Right Wing Israeli Hackers Deface Hamas's Site

Compared to historical hacktivism tensions between different nations, Israeli and Palestinian hacktivists seem to be most sensitive to "virtual fire exchange" like this one, and consequently, just like in real-life, always look and find for an excuse to engage in a conflict. Israeli hackers penetrate Hamas website :

"Israeli hackers boasted Thursday about breaking into the website of Izz al-Din al-Qassam, Hamas’ military wing, which now displays a white screen and words in Arabic announcing technical difficulties. The hacker group, which calls itself Fanat al-Radical (the fanatical radicals), also said that it broke into additional terror organizations’ sites and those of various leftist movements. In a Ynet interview, a group representative who refused to reveal his name said, “We searched for relevant sites with the criteria we look for, whether leftist or anti-Zionist, and looked for loopholes. Our emphasis was always on the al-Qassam site. "The criteria are defined as anti-Zionist or anti-Jewish sites that support or assist in harming Zionism and the existence of Israel as a Zionistic, Jewish state."

The message they left :

"Hacked by XcxooXL and FENiX from Fanat Al Radical Greets: Sn4k3 Contact: "

These script kiddies using SQL injection vulnerabilities within the affected sites, since they indeed managed to deface several other as well, seem to have also participated in the 2006 cyber conflict sparkled due to the the kidnapping of three soldiers. One of their defacements remains still active (

"We will stand against the Islam until the kidnapped soldiers, Gilad Shalit, Eldad Regev and Ehod Goldvaser will be return, We will attack arabic servers and site which support the Islam and protest against the zionism"

What if every script kiddie with a SQL injection scanners goes into politics? It's a mess already.

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