I'm Back!

Dear blog readers - it's been a while since I've last posted a quality update following my disappearance and possible kidnapping attempt circa 2010 but as many of you have noticed I've recently published a variety of research and CYBERINT type of articles in a variety of areas which means that I'll be shortly returning to the usual blogging rhythm successfully publishing a quality set of research articles anytime soon. I've also wanted to let you know that I've recently launched an extremely popular News Portal called Unit-123 offering practical advice to the U.S Intelligence Community including Cyber Warriors and Cyber Warfare experts including a Cyber Security and Hacking Community called Offensive Warfare including a Bitcoin soliciting bid on the Dark Web for the upcoming launch of a proprietary custom-based Virtual Reality Social Network for Hackers and Security Experts called Cybertronics (dzxvmqrl3rjxbzuer6vv5ejahniz2nefqxfmwspfmvzjo4xxzm7n4xad.onion) including the usual interview spree in an attempt to land a permanent job position as I've been working on a variety of personal and proprietary Security and OSINT projects.
  • Are you interested in having me speak at your event? Are you interested in inviting me to join a classified and potentially sensitive event or research group? Are you interested in becoming a writer at this blog? Are you interested in advertising at this blog? Feel free to approach me - disruptive.individuals@gmail.com
Consider going through some of my most recently published research:
In this post I'll walk you though the story of my disappearance including a brief introduction and explanation of my "hacker enthusiast" years circa the 90's where I've been busy doing "lawful surveillance" and "lawful interception" throughout my teenage years while I was not busy working full-time with several H/C/P/A (Hacking/Cracking/Phreaking/Anarchy) groups as a full-time member practically setting up the foundations of the Threat Intelligence market segment a few years later including the basics of Technical Collection type of position including Independent Contractor working under NDA in a post 9/11 World including a personal greeting to everyone who's been approaching me and reaching out offering support and technical and operational "know-how" including general "say hi" advice.

I want to express a personal gratitude to a good old research friend - Internet Anthropologist - who actually initiated a track-down action and managed to indirectly find me circa 2010 with the help of international and Bulgarian law-enforcement including fellow colleagues and friends from the Security Industry and U.S Intelligence Community circa 2008-2013 who attempted to track me down and find out more about my disappearance.

In this post I'll discuss my visit to the GCHQ circa 2008 with the Honeynet Project including an in-depth discussion on my "lawful interception" and "lawful surveillance" experience circa the 90's throughout my teenage hacker years including an in-depth discussion on the hacking Scene that I was proud to be a member of throughout the 90's having successfully participated in a variety of community and commercial projects including a personal thanks to the following friends and colleagues for offering support and keeping track of my research:
  • Jamie Riden for making a personal contribution to my PayPal account for research purposes
  • Steve Santorelli from Team Cymru for expressing interest in a proprietary Threats Database 
  • Michal Salat for participating in a brief trial of my Threat Data service 
  • Ian Cook for making a personal introduction to my current part-time employer KCS Group Europe 
  • Jeffrey Bardin from Treadstone71 who reached out and offered employment opportunity 
  • Harrison Cook who's been persistently donating and reaching out to support the Offensive Warfare 2.0 community 
  • John Young from Cryptome.org who helped spread the word about the Offensive Warfare 2.0 Community 
  • Liran Sorani from Webhose for the opportunity to participate in a part-time project 

An In-depth Analysis of the Hacking Scene circa the 90's through the prism of Dancho Danchev also known as tHe mAnIaC:

In a World where we've successfully set the foundation of offensive clandestine and psychological operations including the foundations of Technical Collection and the foundations of the Threat Intelligence market segment including the persistent emphasis on cyber threats facing U.S Government and U.S National Infrastructure in the context of enriching and disseminating actionable Threat Intelligence on a variety of U.S Intelligence Community including academic partners throughout the past decade successfully leading me to participate in a Top Secret GCHQ Surveillance and Monitoring Program basically keeping track of hackers and security researchers on Twitter for proactive Cyber Defense and OSINT purposes called "Lovely Horse" including a possible "4th Party Collection" trend-setting initiative circa 2008-2013 labeling some of my research as a possible "4th Party Collection" partner of U.S Intelligence Community including the tracking and take down of the Koobface botnet including my experience as a Managing Director of "The Underground" also known as Astalavista Security Group's Astalavista.com (Security Interviews - Part 01; Security Interviews - Part 02; Security Interviews - Part 03) throughout 2003-2006 with my ex-girlfriend now partner in life - Yordanka Ilieva -  when we used to rock the boat - and are prone to do so. Takes you back doesn't it? Keep reading.

Personal Photo of bedroom hacker - today's leading expert in the field of cybercrime research security blogging and threat intelligence gathering - Dancho Danchev also known as the tHe mAnIaC circa the 90's with his hacker girlfriend - Yordanka Ilieva - including various personal projects circa the 90's

  • I happen to have directly established a connection with one of the primary Sub7 Trojan Horse authors HeLLfiReZ which makes me pretty close to Steve Gibson in one way or another - throughout the 90's where we exchanged Trojan Horse samples while I was busy working for Trojan Defense Suite and the infamous Lockdown2000 anti-trojan software suite where I was busy working on signatures and help-guides compilation while I was also busy being a member of several hacking groups primarily found on the Cyberarmy.com Top 50 Hacking List including Progenic.com Top 100 hacking sites list.
  • Mail-bombing was a trend - in particular my personal experience of making jokes with friends who were unable to take care of 100+ email messages in their Inbox
  • Mass-Mailing List subscription - in particular the fact that my friends were not capable of finding a productive way to get rid of the messages and unsubscribe themselves
  • Telephony Denial of Service attack circa the 90's exploiting a popular for Eastern Europe Mail2SMS mobile provider feature - in particular the fact that it's not necessarily a pleasant experience to get rid of 100+ SMS messages received in a short-period of time
  • "Lawful Interception" of friends - something else that I'm not particularly proud of is my "lawful surveillance" and "lawful interception" experience and capabilities of people that I knew and that I used to know largely driven by the need to explore and learn more
  • Corporate Experience in the field of anti-trojan detection technologies and categorization - in particular my experience in creating trojan horse signatures and writing actual technical descriptions for the purpose of improving my employer's overall detection rate for a variety of trojan horse vendors circa the 90's.
Do you remember my work from the 90's? Are you familiar with the Scene circa the 90's? Feel free to approach me - disruptive.individuals@gmail.com or make a PayPal donation using my PayPal ID: dancho.danchev@hush.com for the purpose of fueling growth into my research.