Friday, December 27, 2019

Exposing High Tech Brazil Hack Team Mass Web Site Defacement Group - An OSINT Analysis

It's been a while since I've last posted on quality update further detailing the inner workings of a high-profile and prominent Web Site Defacement group that has managed to successfully compromise thousands of Web sites internationally that also includes Bulgaria's National Security Agency (DANS) - hxxp:// Web site.

In this post I'll provide actionable intelligence including personally identifiable information on the people and the gang behind the campaign including an in-depth analysis of their tactics techniques and procedures including personal photos and social media accounts of the infamous High Tech Brazil Hack Team whose responsible for having successfully defaced over 5,000 legitimate Web Sites internationally.

Team Members Include:
- crazyduck - Real Name: Fabian de Souza Peralazzo
- otrasher - Email: - Social Media Account -
- l34NDR0
- wicked
- live
- Smoker

Sample Photos of High Tech Brazil Hack Team Team Members:

Twitter Social Media Accounts known to have participate in the campaign:

Personally Identifiable Information on High Tech Brazil Hack Team Team Members:
  • synchr0n1ze
Real Name: Bruno Maglia

Facebook Account Profile: ;

Related Facebook Account Profiles:; - - -
  • aceeeeeeeer
Real Name: Gustavo Gemen
Personal Photos: -,49aNcs6,dCQYCgc,XPtKSAB ;,lOiHr7A,HKu5Jw8;,lOiHr7A,HKu5Jw8

Facebook Account Profile:

Related photos:,PXjcBsR,B6CgXKo,ZKUjM1Q,vKECfQf,GLtvIZl,vfyAhuu

Related URLs:

I'll be soon posting an additional set of details on the High Tech Brazil Hack Team and I'll be definitely looking forward to sharing the necessary details with the Security Industry and Law Enforcement in an attempt to track down and prosecute the individuals behind these campaigns.

Stay tuned!