Happy Holidays!

Dear blog readers,

It's been a pleasure and an honor to serve your needs since December, 2005 when I've officially opened this blog while working as a Managing Director for Astalavista.com - The Underground and I sincerely hope that you'll continue to find my research informative and quality enough to further recommend my personal blog to friends and colleagues including to possibly approach me in terms of seeking additional information regarding a particular blog post or to actually "say hi" and "keep up the good fight" type of message.

My 2020 primary contact points include:

Personal Email - ddanchev@cryptogroup.net
Social Media Accounts - Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Angellist, YouTube, Medium
IM and Skype ID: dancho_danchev_
Web properties that I'm currently running include - Offensive Warfare 2.0 and Unit-123.org
XMPP/OMEMO ID for Real-Time Conversation: 90184@armadillophone.com which is basically compatible with ChatSecure Conversations and Dino - feel free to install any of these applications in case you're not using them already and feel free to "say hi".

Happy holidays and thanks a lot for everyone who's been keeping in touch and keeping up the good fight!

Stay tuned!