Official World Hacker Global Domination Group (WHGDG) Dark Web Onion Launch!

Dear blog readers,

I've been spending more time on the Dark Web these days including the active launching of a second Dark Web Onion and the official launch of the World Hacker Global Domination Group (WHGDG) which is basically a Call for Papers Call for Participation and Call for Innovation request on behalf of me for the purpose of reaching out to the U.S Intelligence Community as an independent contractor for the purpose of presenting and eventually getting funding for a variety of commercial cyber security and hacking including Threat Intelligence and Offensive Cyber Warfare Projects including the active recruitment of new members.

Check out the Official Dark Web Onion:
http://nexvibpe4xszfx4cp2jldkdyhnjnah5qnckoagoiry3vpyv5eheh55id.onion/ and don't forget to visit Cybertronics - Virtual Reality Social Network for Hackers and Cyber Security Experts Bitcoin-accepting Project - http://ca7brwpxmnbssdoh4dfoijyr7zwetob74x3berlvmeekhmkt7zcjdjqd.onion/ and donate today!

How you can participate?
  • Visit the Dark Web Onion and go through the Call for Participation Call for Papers and Call for Innovation and approach me at in case you believe that you can contribute with knowledge data and expertise including the technical "know-how" to participate in any of the Key Points mentioned in the Dark Web Onion
Stay tuned for a major Web Site update by the end of the week including the production of an extremely popular Security Podcast Security Vlog and an additional set of never-published before possibly classified and sensitive Technical Data and Cyber Security and Hacking resources.