Wednesday, November 12, 2008

More Compromised Portfolios of Legitimate Domains for Sale

The ongoing supply of access to compromised portfolios consisting of hundreds, sometimes thousands of legitimate domains, is continuing to produce anecdotal situations. For instance, in one of the latest propositions, a cybercriminal has managed to hijack the blackhat SEO domains portfolio (8,145 domains plus another 100 legitimate ones) of another cybercriminal, and is now offering it for sale.

From an attacker's perspective, are remotely exploitable SQL injections, the insecure hosting provider's web interfaces, or the pragmatic possibility for data mining a botnet's accounting data for access to such portfolios the tactic of choice? In both of these propositions, the seller is citing vulnerabilities within the web hosting providers as an attack tactic.

The continues supply of such access is, however, a great indicator for the upcoming development of this segment within the underground marketplace in 2009.

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