What You Get From "Peasant-aria Land" - A New Cyber Security Center - Behold Yourself To the Almighty Savior! - An Analysis

Is it crap or is it bullshit? Is it a dipshit or is it a moron? Did the Klingons did it or did we do it on our own? Did Jessus give us the money or did we steal it from somewhere? No. It's called cyber security industry in Bulgaria in 2021 led managed and operated by the infamous Yavor Kolev who kidnapped and home molested me with a stolen ID and dragged me out of my place with no witnesses and no legal repercussion for his illegal activities in the country and my illegal arrest with the assistance of local police offers from the city of Troyan, Bulgaria circa 2010 which is my hometown in Bulgaria.

In this post I'll elaborate more on one of my kidnappers who greatly contributed to my illegal arrest courtesy of Bulgaria Law Enforcement and basically dragged me out of my place with a stolen ID and held me hostage for a period of several months in a confined environment without Bulgaria Ministry of Interior knowing anything about this and with no witnesses and with force which resulted in a direct loss of $85,000 throughout the next period of five years following a successful kidnapping and home molestation attempt courtesy of local police officers from Troyan Bulgaria which is my home town which you can catch up in terms of going through the related posts at the end of this post.


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