Scareware Campaign Using Google Sponsored Links

A scareware campaign is currently using Google sponsored ads, and by hijacking a decent number of well positioned keywords, is attempting to trick visitors into installing scareware featuring several new templates. This is, of course, not the first and definitely not the last time scareware campaigners are using highly targeted legitimate networks in order to reach potential audience by making an investment into the traffic acquisition practice.

However, compared to the "long tail centered" blackhat SEO, the use of legitimate ad networks would never reach a positive ROI, like the one achieved by dynamic syndication of legitimate content and monetizing it through scareware.

Scareware domains seen in circulation: 
adwarealert .com -
adware-pro-2009 .com -
adwareprosite .com - - Email: 
adwarepro-site .com - - Email: 
antimalwarenow .com -
anti-malware-pro .org - - Email:

antimalware-software .com -
antimalware-software .org - - Email:
get-spyware-destroyer .com - - Email:
macrovirus .com -
malwareprofessional .com -

theantimalware .com -
adware-pro-live .com -
antivirus-live-pro .com -
antivirus-live-pro .org
antivirus-live-software .com
antivirus-pro-live .com
antiviruspro-live .com

Sample detection rates: anti-malware-application.exe; malware_professional.exe; macro_virus.exe; antimalware_pro.exe; spyware_destroyer.exe; AdwarePro_Setup.exe; AdwarePro_Setup06.exe; AdwarePro_Setup2305.exe.

Consider going through the The Ultimate Guide to Scareware Protection detailing alternative traffic acquisition approaches used by scareware campaigners, as well as the related posts dissecting recent blackhat SEO campaigns.

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This post has been reproduced from Dancho Danchev's blog.

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