Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Summarizing Webroot's Threat Blog Posts for June

The following is a brief summary of all of my posts at Webroot's Threat Blog for June, 2012. You can subscribe to my Webroot's Threat Blog RSS Feed or follow me on Twitter:

01. Cybercriminals infiltrate the music industry by offering full newly released albums for just $1
02. A peek inside a boutique cybercrime-friendly E-shop – part three
03. DDoS for hire services offering to ‘take down your competitor’s web sites’ going mainstream
04. Skype propagating Trojan targets Syrian activists
05. Spamvertised ‘UPS Delivery Notification’ emails serving client-side exploits and malware
06. Mozilla patches critical security vulnerabilities in Firefox and Thunderbird
07. Spamvertised ‘DHL Package delivery report’ emails serving malware
08. Spamvertised ‘Your Amazon.com order confirmation’ emails serving client-side exploits and malware
09. Cybercriminals populate Scribd with bogus adult content, spread malware using Comodo Backup
10. Oracle and Apple patch critical Java security vulnerabilities
11. Spamvertised ‘Your Paypal Ebay.com payment’ emails serving client-side exploits and malware
12. ‘Create a Cartoon of You” ads serving MyWebSearch toolbar
13. Spamvertised ‘Your UPS delivery tracking’ emails serving client-side exploits and malware
14. Spamvertised ‘Confirm PayPal account” notifications lead to phishing sites
15. Spamvertised ‘DHL Express Parcel Tracking Notification’ emails serving malware
16. Spamvertised bogus online casino themed emails serving W32/Casonline

This post has been reproduced from Dancho Danchev's blog. Follow him on Twitter.

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